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5B anglais Welcome to the U.S.A (suite):Meet the 49ers ! (second part)

                                  Meet the 49ers ! (second part)

What did David learn at the 49ers museum ? He learnt that the first 49ers were immigrants and pioneers. They came to California in 1849 because they wanted to find gold. They worked hard and they settled in California. They became rich because they found a lot of gold.

base verbale: learn (apprendre)/ prétérit : learnt 

base verbale: come (venir)/ prétérit : came

base verbale: want (vouloir)/ prétérit: wanted

 base verbale: work (travailler) /prétérit: worked

base verbale: settle (s’installer) / prétérit: settled

base verbale: become (devenir) /prétérit: became

base verbale: find ( trouver) / prétérit: found

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